Is it a talent agency or a record label ?

Jimmy Boss goes further than the others and had the crazy idea of bringing together the essentials of what a record company could provide to independent artists of 2020 to create a business that will help artists to finance, create, as well as promote themselves, while remaining independent. By adding what managers cannot offer, and removing what is no longer necessary from what a record company can offer, while having total transparency with its artists. SDW is a talent agency and a record label. Artists can chose what is the best for them. Remember that the unique goal is that the artist becomes the next big artist in the music industry.

What do we offer ?

  • Take care of all the organization, appointments, negotiations, contracts, promotion, marketing, financing, portfolio management.
  • Support for artists: listen to their needs and define them to best support them in their project.
  • Offer a strong network: artists, sound engineers, business partners, agents in the music industry.
  • Being a force for proposal during the studio stage.
  • Depending on the artists needs : taking care of the financial part of the project.
  • Create an artistic environment that allows the artist and his professional entourage to come up with a successful project.

How do you select the artists you want to work with as a talent scout ?

SDW only manages the artists that they find unique.

First to select the compositions that he likes, Jimmy Boss calls on his subjective side and his personal sensitivity: do we like this artistic object? Then more concrete and objective aspects: what are we looking for in the agency / record label? What's going on in the music industry today? Is the artist part of an emerging movement ?

What are you looking for as a talent agency and record label ?

Due to the large number of artistic proposals, what I am looking for is his music of course, but also and above all : his authenticity / originality with his own truth which is not necessarily part of only one particular style of music, on the contrary!

What are the aritsts you are currently working with ?

The identity of the artists with whom I work is completely hidden to public. This is the very concept of Shadow Management.