Jimmy Boss, a 25-year-old entrepreneur, passionate about music and management, decided in 2016 to create SDW Management: a talent management agency whose aim is to give the artist all the data necessary to succeed in music.


  • Press & Contracts

    All administrative paperwork is taken care of, organization and bookings as well as contracts.

  • Network & Marketing

    Depending on the artist’s requests, marketing and communication can be 100% supported or not. SDW's marketing skills are extremely developed, which makes it one of its main strengths.

  • Independance

    The artist can maintain complete independence on all points. The service is flexible and each contract between the artist and the agency is unique.

They talked about Jimmy Boss & SDW Management

As the business is booming, several interviews were given to Jimmy Boss.


As you can guess, SDW Management only works with the artists in whom it believes. Are you talented and looking for a talent agency, manager or record company? Feel free to contact us below.

You can also reach us to request the « Successful Artist » formation.